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We will pay for every collaboration. The budget will be posted in the email

Become a brand ambassador

1. Promote products and get share of sales 2. Provide beautiful photos in exchange for commissions 3. Publish stories in exchange for commissions

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Partnership opportunities

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Gifting
  • Discount codes
  • Campaigns
  • Content creation
  • Usage rights
  • Additional opportunities

On cooperation

Do we pay for our events?

Every one of our campaigns is a paid campaign and those who work with us receive a fee for the shoot!
Of course, each product has a different budget, so we allocate budgets and required footage based on the product.
Please check the job description email you received for details.

What's our budget?

Our budget is divided into

1. Regular shooting users (get free products)

2.UCG we invite to cooperate (150-250 USD)

3. Quality UCG with 50K followers and certified icon ($250-500)

4.Professional photography agency (500-800USD)

5.Director (800-1000 USD)

Budget stage it depends on the quality of your shoot and your reach, if after the first cooperation we find the quality of your material is perfect, we will give you a boost to the next stage in the next cooperation

Long-term commission model

In addition to filming, we also have the model of a celebrity with goods
We encourage the model of "masters with goods", this model can make you earn more money and better stable income!

As long as your promotion generates a sale, we will pay you 10% of each sale as your salary.

As long as you have the ability and a stable customer base, you can wait for a long time income!

Of course we will provide free products, but we will not provide you with the cost of photography.